What Are The Steps To Polishing A Hardwood Floor?

There is no other type of flooring you can install in your home that will give it a stylish and classy yet homey appearance than hardwood flooring. You can check timber prices before you buy. Unfortunately, over time these floors typically lose their luster and shine. If you older hardwood floors in your home, and you are thinking about replacing them with new ones, take a moment to consider the alternative of polishing the flooring instead.
Unlike other areas in your home that may need to be completely replaced once they have become damaged, it is possible to revive life into hardwood floors by simply cleaning and polishing them. Many times all you will need to do is polish the floors to restore the shine. This can be all that is needed to get them looking showroom new again.

There are several steps that you can follow if you want your hardwood floors to look as good as they did the day they were installed.

Clean Your Floors    

The first thing that you should do is prepare your floors for polishing by cleaning them. However, you want to avoid using water and water based cleaning products on your floor. Water can actually damage hardwood floors.

Instead use a commercial based cleaning product that is not water based. One professional floor sanding Brisbane company also mentioned you can also remove dirt and debris with a broom and/or vacuum. Use a stiff nylon brush on particles that cannot be swept or vacuumed away.

Buffing The Floor

Buffing is a great way to begin the process of refinishing your hardwood floors. This is the step in the process that helps to prepare your floor for a new finish every time you are ready to polish.

The purpose of buffing is to prevent the finish or polish from peeling away faster than you want it to. This step will require a buffer. There are some home improvement stores that will rent this equipment on an hourly basis. Be sure to choose a buffer that has a screen with a grit of at least 100.

Polishing The Floor

The final step of the process is applying the wax or polish solution to the floor after it has been buffered. Wax paste is an excellent choice for polishing hardwood floors. The paste remains on the floor for a longer period of time and it gives your floors the shine that you are looking for.

However, keep in mind that the wax is more difficult to remove from floors than polish is. This means that if you want to refinish your floors on a regular basis, you may want to consider using a polish solution instead.

The frequency at which you refinish your floors will be dependent on the amount of foot traffic your floors handle on a daily basis. It is recommended that floors in residential areas are polished at least once a year while floors in an office environment may need to be polished twice a year.  

The process of polishing hardwood floors can be labor intensive and time consuming, but the end result will look better if the floors are polished manually. There are professional contractors who provide this service. Make sure you choose a reputable company that has experienced polishing hardwood floors. You can see the company we recommend directly on their Website


Ways to ensure best construction

If you have a skilled and trustworthy team of people, you can efficiently do the best kind of work possible. In most of the situations, clients purchase very costly materials which the contractor has not even used before. This can cause bad constructional work and spoil your reputation. It is very important that you make sure that the work you carry out is up to the mark and the materials that are purchased must be taken from reliable dealer. Buyers must make sure that every product is guaranteed on its quality basis including the shelf life of cement and other finishing materials. If you can get warranties on these products, it’s certainly the best. You must not compromise with the qualities that you expect from your materials because it’s the quality of products and excellence in manufacturing that makes the building long lasting and resistant from any damage. There are also many other ways to ensure best construction of any building:

  • All the buildings at least require a time span of half a year in order to settle down properly and when the people start getting their place loaded with furniture and stuffs, it comes intact. Acid test is necessary for any newly constructed building and for this; rainy season is the best time to test the strength of any building. Few cracks and splits are very usual for a new building as when you construct a building with different materials and techniques, it shows mixed extension and reduction.
  • If you use materials that are not categorized as standard quality, the finishing of the surface starts to come off in most of the cases. This happens when the construction is not properly executed and it requires instant awareness. This is mostly caused by the problem of water seepage which is the main reason in most of the construction sites. If you use porous materials or degraded products, it traps the water and causes concrete cancer. It can be efficiently avoided using a good team of members that are dedicated in their work.
  • If you are the in- charge of smaller construction work, you can make use of site mixes which can be better controlled after properly checking that all the materials are properly tested and verified for construction. If you cast the concrete and display poor work force, it can lead to patches all over the surface of concrete which will a warning of poor workmanship and construction work. In this case, engineers are asked to take immediate actions to control the damage.
  • If you want to maintain proper thickness of walls, you must use well engineered and constructed blocks that are dimensionally accurate. This adds a great standard in the construction of the building.
  • All the fittings like plumbing equipments and electrical fittings must be properly purchased so that it can ensure quality and warranty after it gets installed. It is the best way to safeguard your home from any problems in the later stages of your home or place.